Daily Devotional for 12 October 2020 – Our permanent priest

Hebrews 7:24

On Saturday, we saw that Jesus is the friend that sticks closer than a brother. People are going to let us down but He never will.

One of the reasons that He will never let us down is that He is forever. Even those closest to us will not be with us forever, but Jesus never dies. He has destroyed death through the resurrection. He is God the Son. He cannot die.

Whatever happens, Jesus lives and He is there. But He is more. Back in September, we started to look at Jesus as our High Priest. Today’s verse tells us “He holds His priesthood permanently” (unlike the priests of the old covenant).

So, He is not just a friend that sticks closer than a brother, He is the friend that is our High Priest. He is a permanent friend with authority.

So, when the devil accuses us, Jesus is our friend and High Priest and the devil’s accusations fall to the ground.

When we sin, our Friend is our High Priest and He intercedes for us and we are forgiven.

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