I am pastor of Lansdowne Evangelical Free Church in West Norwood, southeast London. I was converted in 1989 at the University of Leeds through a friend who was a member at Lansdowne. I sensed a call to the Christian ministry during my first visit to the London CLC bookshop, which was then in High Holborn.

It was almost ten years afterwards that I was called to be assistant pastor at Lansdowne. During the intervening time, I got married to Margaret, completed a politics degree at Leeds, trained as a Chartered Accountant in London and worked for the National Audit Office.

We have two grown-up children, Ruth and Matthew. Ruth was born in my final year at the National Audit Office, and Matthew in my first year as assistant pastor. They have no memory of not being “pastor’s kids!” and I thank God for the way they faced this challenge.

In 2003, I was called by Lansdowne Evangelical Free Church to be their pastor. They are a very patient church because I am still there today!

I enjoy reading, politics, cricket and astronomy.

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