Christmas devotional – John 1v29 – The Lamb of God

This will be the final devotional until 4 January, although I hope to post some of my Christmas sermon recordings over the next couple of weeks. Thank you for reading these devotionals. May you know the Lord’s blessing this Christmas.

John 1:29

Over the last two days, we have looked at how we can truly know God. Yesterday, from John 1:18, we saw that it is because of who Jesus is. Today’s verse shows us what Jesus came to do, so that we can know God.

He is “the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” What amazing care God gives to His plan. Jesus, the Saviour, is born in Bethlehem, He is laid in a manger where animals eat, and He is visited by shepherds who look after the sheep that are taken to the temple to be sacrificed as Passover lambs.

This is because He came to fulfil what the Passover lambs represented. They died in the place of sinful people. Their blood was sprinkled on the doors of the house and the people were safe from the judgement of God upon Egypt.

But Jesus came to take away the sin of the world. He did so by dying on the cross. He took the judgement that we deserved and so all who believed are saved.

This is why the Christmas story doesn’t end with the manger. It doesn’t even end with the cross or the resurrection, or even the ascension. It ends with us before the throne of God looking and seeing the glorified Lamb of God upon the throne of the universe. God the Son, who came as a baby, has finished His work and, one day soon, all His ransomed will be gathered around His throne to join the host of heaven to cry, “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain, to receive power and wealth and wisdom and might and honor and glory and blessing!”

You can start today, on Christmas Day, as we celebrate His first coming – “Worthy is the Lamb!”

This song is a reflection on the amazing fact that Mary held in her arms the eternal Son, the perfect Lamb of God. Grace and peace to you today.

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