Advent Devotional for 24 December 2020 – John 1v18 part 2 – He has made God known

John 1:18 part 2

Jesus reveals God to us. Through Him we know God. We don’t just know about Him, but we know Him – personally. Jesus reveals God fully to us because He is God.

This is what the rest of verse 18 (that we started looking at yesterday) shows us.

Jesus is the “One and only”. Literally, “the one and only God.” John 1:18 is repeating John 1:1 in a slightly different way. Verse 1 and verse 18 are like brackets – they say the same thing to make sure we see that it is really, really true. Jesus is God, He is eternal. As He is fully God, He is able to reveal God to us.

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again because it is so amazing. God became man! To make Himself known, He came to us – Himself. What amazing love!

Also, Jesus is “at the Father’s side.” This translation is a polite English way of saying something very intimate. The Greek says: “in the bosom of the Father.” We see the same idea in John 13:23, when the beloved disciple leans on Jesus’ chest. It shows complete intimacy, love and knowledge. God the Son is so intimate with the Father that He has total love and knowledge of Him. Out of that total love and knowledge, Jesus reveals God to us.

One more thing. This shows how much He loves us. He came from that place of total intimacy, knowledge and love with the Father, to come to womb of Mary, to lie in a manger, to be nailed to a cross, to lie in a tomb. He did that for us.

Let’s bow in worship and let’s, through Him, grow to know God more.

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