Advent devotional for 23 December 2020 – John 1:18 – no-one has ever seen God

John 1:18

“No-one has ever seen God…” Wait a minute, John, what about Moses or Isaiah? Scripture doesn’t lie, so what John is saying is that no-one has ever seen God in the fullest sense. Moses and Isaiah had glimpses of His glory but didn’t see the full manifestation of God’s person and glory.

What Moses and Isaiah saw was utterly amazing and overwhelming. They were overwhelmed. They fell on their faces before Him. Isaiah, although he was a prophet and therefore a man of God, saw the horror of his own sin (Isaiah 6:5). Yet these appearances of God Almighty, were only partial, they were not all of God’s glory.

So, how beyond amazing, terrifying and glorious God must be face to face! Our God is not like us, He is not someone we can contain and control. He is, as the song says, “uncontainable.” He is not someone that we can approach casually like we would a friend. He is God Almighty.

Yet, we are told in this verse that Jesus “has made Him [God] known.” So, those who have received Jesus, having believed on His name and become children of God, know God.  Believers know this God – the Almighty and all-glorious God. And, on that final day, when believers receive their new resurrection bodies, they will see Him in all His glory!

All this is possible because Jesus has come, because of who He is and what He has done. Thank you, Jesus, for saving me!

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