Pointers for prayer – 31 March 2020 – Psalm 86

Some thoughts on Psalm 86

Below the video, I have done an outline in note form and some suggestions for prayer.

Need v1-2

  • “Poor and needy” – afflicted (suffering) and a lack of ability to do something about it. That is why we come to God in prayer.
  • “Preserve my life” – protect from injury, danger or even death. This is a prayer that many will be praying at this time.

Reasons v2

  • We are in His covenant. We belong to Him (that is what David means by “I am godly”). We are righteous in Christ.
  • We are His servants; the Lord is faithful to care and provide for us.
  • He is trustworthy.
  • He is our God.

The first request (v3-4)

  • “Be gracious.” The root of all prayer – all is a gift of grace.
  • “Gladden the soul…” Make me joyful. Refresh my inner being.
  • “For to You… I lift up my soul” The psalmist is placing Himself in the care of God; he is saying again, “I trust You.”

More reasons to pray (v5-10)

His character (v5). Good, forgiving, abounding in steadfast love.

v6: The giver of grace.

v7: The God who answers.

V8: None like Him.

V11: No works like His.

Expectation (v9)

One day the nations will worship Him. Let’s pray that God would use this crisis to call many people to Himself.

The second request (v11)

Teach me Your way. That’s a good prayer to pray. He hasn’t yet asked for deliverance! This, and v4, are more important!

Thanksgiving (v12-13)

Thanksgiving, even before deliverance has come. This is great faith.

The third request – deliverance (v14-17)

  • David tells the Lord what the problem is (v14). This is a good way to pray. Tell Him what is going on.
  • He pauses to declare again who God is (v15). It is good to flow from prayer to thanksgiving and back.
  • He asks for – grace, strength and deliverance (v16). Grace because we are sinners, strength in the situation and deliverance from the situation.
  • He asks for God’s favour so that evil is put to shame and it may be obvious that He has done it (v17). He not only wants to be delivered, he wants the Lord to be glorified.

Pointers for prayer

  • Give thanks for our access to God
  • Ask for the Lord’s refreshing (v4)
  • Pray Psalm 86:9 – “All the nations you have made shall come and worship before you, O Lord, and shall glorify your name.”
  • Pray Psalm 86:11 – “Teach me your way, O LORD, that I may walk in your truth; unite my heart to fear your name.”
  • Pray for deliverance in the current crisis.

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