Advent devotional for 21 December 2020 – John 1v17 – more grace

John 1:17

God’s grace is amazing. On Saturday, in verses 16, we saw: “from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.”

Today’s verse explains this abundant grace more. God has always been gracious. It is not like He suddenly became gracious when Jesus was born. He is a God of grace, but that grace was seen more clearly and fully when Jesus came.

“The law was given through Moses.” This is part of God’s grace. God rescued His people from slavery in Egypt. Then He gave the law to show them how to be His people. God’s grace is seen in His commands as well as His forgiveness. To show us what is right is gracious.

But the law couldn’t save. It showed us our need for more grace. So, God in His amazing grace revealed the fulness of grace in Jesus. He came – full of grace and truth. Grace to cover every single sin and truth to reveal God to us.

If you are a Christian, every single sin is covered. There is more than enough grace to cover your sin and make you right with God. In fact, grace doesn’t only cover your sin, but clothes you with righteousness.

More than that, this is personal grace, not something given from afar. It is nice to receive a gift from a friend by delivery, but it is better to see the friend and to be with them. So it is with Jesus: “The law was given, grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.” This is personal. He came to earth when He took human flesh, but He came to you as your Saviour, when He saved you. And He is still with you, and He is still supplying you with His grace and His truth.

Some of us may be spending Christmas Day alone this year, but you are not alone. Grace has come. Jesus is with us – forever.

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