Advent devotional for 19 December 2020 – John 1v16 – grace upon grace

John 1:16

When I am going through difficult times, especially when the difficult times go on for long, I often feel drained, exhausted, like I have run out of strength – spiritual and physical. Pressure can make us feel empty. Our own strength fails. As Isaiah says, “Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted…” (Isaiah 40:30)

Jesus is never empty and, because He is never empty, He fills us. Today’s verse says: “For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.”

His fulness. He is God, so He is full. He possesses everything – complete 100% sufficiency that will never fail. His power will never reduce, His wisdom will never fail, His love will never grow cold, His patience will never run out, His holiness will never be defiled, His truth will never be defeated, His grace will never be exhausted.

Verse 14 said that Jesus is “full of grace and truth.” He is divine and infinite. All truth and grace flows from Him. We receive, we are not the source. We receive and we, as it were, use the supplies that God gives. He supplies truth, but we get distracted and so we need the truth to come to us again. He supplies grace and we rejoice but then we still sin and so we need more grace.

But He is the source, the never ending source. He has been the giver of grace to His people throughout the ages. Grace was given to Adam and Eve as God clothed them and covered their nakedness. Grace was supplied to His old covenant people through the Exodus and the sacrifices. But more grace, abundant grace, continual grace, grace that never fails, grace upon grace has been given to His people.

Let’s rejoice and revel in His abundance grace today.

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