Praying the Bible

I am going to be taking a short break from posting here regularly. Since shortly after the Covid-19 pandemic began, I have been sending daily scripture readings and short devotionals to members of my congregation and then (a little while later) started posting them to this blog.

Very soon, I am going to have a couple of much needed weeks off. While I had planned to write ahead so that the devotions could be posted automatically while I am away, time has run away.

I may well post brief thoughts and articles, and the weekly online sermons will still appear here. However, there won’t be any daily devotionals until 5 October (God willing).

In the meantime, I have encouraged the members of my congregation to watch these videos by Don Whitney.

They are called “Praying the Bible” and are a fantastic help in using scripture so that we know how and what to pray. So often we sit there wondering what to say to the Lord, but we can use the scriptures. We pray God’s words back to Him. We pray in line with God’s will because the scriptures are the revelation of God’s will.

If you follow the advice in these videos (or even get the book), your prayer life will revived.

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