Daily Devotional for 13 August 2020 – Titus 2v11

Titus 2:11

This passage (which continues to verse 14) is a glorious declaration of what God has done to save us and to change all who believe in Christ.

“The grace of God has appeared…” Our salvation is by grace alone. God comes to us with undeserved kindness. In fact, grace is more than undeserved; it is the opposite of what is deserved. Amazing  grace!

The grace of God has ”appeared.”  This is talking about the coming of Jesus. He is the bringer of grace. He came to fully reveal God’s grace.

“…bringing salvation…”  We need grace because we are sinners, we need to be rescued from God’s perfect justice against sin. Jesus has brought salvation by dying in our place.  What a Saviour!

“…for all people.” In the context of Titus 2, this is talking about all kinds of people: men, women, young, old, those who in Roman times were slaves.  Today, the same message is for all people: male, female, rich, poor, black, white, African, American, Asian, European, employers, employees.

Jesus is the fulfilment of God’s plan from eternity, that He would save His people. He promised Adam and Eve that someone would come and bruise the serpent’s head. He has come!  Glory to God!

Praise Him for your salvation today. If you are not saved, confess your sins to Jesus Christ, turn from them and to Him, and put your trust in Him.

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