Daily Devotional for 1 June 2020 – Psalm 40v6-8

Psalm 40:6-8

God’s amazing salvation is worthy of our praise and our obedience.

David has just said God’s wondrous deeds are too many to count. Then, he starts talking about sacrifices! Why?

He is saying you are so worthy that just bringing sacrifices is not enough. Anyone can go through the outward show of bringing sacrifices, but I will bring You my heart and obedience.

In the same way, we can bring our “sacrifice” of praise to the Lord, we can give our tithes, but these are empty unless we give Him our heart.

Can you say to Him, “I delight to do Your will, O my God?” (v8)

Ask Him to stir up your heart to loving obedience and delight.

Lord, I give You my heart…

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