Daily Devotional for 23 May 2020 – Psalm 40v1 part 2

Psalm 40:1

I used to think that God was too busy and too great and mighty to really listen to me. Sure (I thought), if I prayed big prayers about important things, then He would listen, but not if I was just asking about my problems.

But He is not too busy. He is great and mighty but He is still interested in us and our needs.

Psalm 40:1 says, “He inclined to me…” This is saying “He leaned towards me to hear my prayer.” Of course, God is everywhere and doesn’t need to lean over to hear us. The words are a picture. They are saying that God is so good to us that He is like a father who bends down to listen to the voice of his little child.

He is not too busy. He is so interested in you and so committed to you that it is like He leans down from heaven to listen to all that you say.

What an amazing God! The God of the universe listens to you!

Why not talk to Him today?

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