Daily Devotional for 24 May 2020 – Psalm 40v1 part 3

We’re going to take one more look at Psalm 40:1.

“He inclined to me and heard my cry.”

Another thing I used to think is that you had to pray in a special way, with just the right words.

Some people pray using a prayer book, some people pray in a very formal and respectable way, some people pray long prayers with big theological words.

But the psalm doesn’t say, “heard my prayer from the prayer book”, or “heard my formal prayer”, or “heard my prayer with big words.” It says “heard my cry”.

A cry comes from the heart. It sometimes isn’t something we can put into words. It flows out of anguish or fear or pain. And yet God hears.

Even if your prayers don’t make sense because you can’t put the words together, He still hears your heart.

Even if we don’t have any words and just cry, even if you are so broken that you have run out of tears, He leans down to hear your heart, He hears the burdens that you cannot even put into words.

We can come to Him just as we are and we can be sure that He hears.

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