Daily Devotional for 22 May 2020 – Psalm 40v1

Psalm 40:1

During the panic buying before the lockdown, the food that went from the shops first were the things that are quick and easy to cook and eat rather than the things that take longer to prepare.  

Human beings don’t like to wait for things, and we don’t like to wait for God to help us.  We think it should happen now.

But here David says, “I waited patiently for the Lord.”  In the original Hebrew it has the word “waited” twice, like David is saying “I waited and waited.”  But this isn’t waiting angrily or in a frustrated way, like we would for a bus that is late, this is waiting with longing, with patient expectation and with faith.

David waited with longing or great desire.  He needed the Lord to answer Him – urgently.

But David also waited with patient expectation.  That is what this Hebrews phrase “waited and waited” means.  It was urgent, but at the same time, David was patient and at the same time David was expecting God’s answer.  He knew he might have to wait long, but he expected the answer to come.

David waited with faith.  He waited “for the Lord.”  He wasn’t just hoping things would get better, he believed God.  That is what makes us different from the world around.  We believe the Lord and we trust that He will answer in His time.

There are many prayers that we are longing for God to answer.  Let’s be like David and wait patiently for the Lord.

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