Daily Devotional 1 May 2020 – Isaiah 40v21-24

Isaiah 40:21-24

In times of trouble, it is easy to forget who the Lord is. Our minds can be overcome by the trouble and fear and the suffering we are going through.

So, In v21, He speaks to His people and says, “Don’t you know how great I am? Have you forgotten?”

And then He reminds them.
He rules (v22). He sits on the throne, above all things. He still rules when we have troubles in our lives. The things that happen are not a mistake or an accident. Although we don’t see it, He has a perfect plan.

He is greater than all of humanity (v22). Compared to Him, all the billions of people are like grasshoppers.

He is greater than the universe (v22). Compared to Him, the sky is just like a tent that He stretches out.

He is greater than even the greatest people on earth (v23-24). They think they will last forever and are so important. Compared to the Lord, they are like dust that is blown away like the wind.

But all this power doesn’t mean He is far from us or He doesn’t care. Remember verse 11. He is still the One who guides like a shepherd and cares for His people. He cares for you with all that mighty power.

He makes no mistakes. Problems don’t mean He is weak but that He is wise and He has power to transform you and to transform the situation. Although He often leads us through difficult times, He is always good and He is always strong, and you are safe in His hands.

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