Daily Devotional for 2 May 2020 – Isaiah 40v25-26

Isaiah 40:25-26

The Lord wants His people to know who He is, so that they can trust Him and be at peace. In v25, He asks them a similar question to v18, “To whom then will you compare me?”

If you remember two days ago, I encouraged you to imagine a pair of weighing scales, with God Almighty on one side and to think: if I were to put anything on the scales alongside Him, all would be nothing.

In v19-25, the Lord has asked us to “weigh” Him against other things: What about idols (false gods)? What about the people of the earth, the creation, the nations and their rulers?

Now, in v26, He says, “What about the stars? If you’re worried that anything is greater than Me, then look up, look at the stars, see how many there are. ”

He says:
“He brings out their host by number” – He created each one individually, the vast trillions and trillions of stars, all different, all personally made by Him.
“…calling them all by name” – Human beings have run out of names for all the stars, but God is so great that He gives each one a name!
“…not one is missing” – He knows every star in every part of the universe perfectly, He doesn’t lose any of them, He doesn’t forget them, and each star is exactly in the right place where the Lord has put it.

If He knows the stars by name, how much more does He know you, who are made in His image? You were knit together by Him in your mother’s womb (Psalm 139:13), the hairs on your head are numbered (Matt 10:30). He knows you completely and perfectly.

If not one of the stars is missing (not one is in the wrong place), He hasn’t lost you. He has put you where you are, in the situation you are in, for a reason. We don’t always know why, but we know He never makes a mistake.

Remember v9: “Behold your God!” He is greater than anything and He knows your name.

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