Daily Devotional for 30 April 2020 – Isaiah 40:18-20

scale picture small
Isaiah 40:18-20

Yesterday we saw that God is a “heavyweight”. He is “weighty”. He weighs the mountains, the sea, the dust of the earth. His wisdom is so great it cannot be measured. The nations may look great, but they weigh nothing compared to Him.

This next part of Isaiah 40 continues with the same theme. God says (v18), “Who will you compare me to?” Imagine a pair of scales (see the picture). If you were to put God on one side of the scales, would anything else in all of the universe balance the scales?

In v19-20, God says, “Can an idol (a statue, a false god) compare to me?” No! It is made by human hands. It has to be fixed so that it doesn’t fall over (end of v20). It is useless! We can be sure that every other god in the world is nothing – every god of every religion, every “idol” of money, fame, power, health, security – every other god weighs nothing. God Almighty alone is God.

If you were to put anything on the scales alongside God, they are all nothing. Sickness, fear, the devil, demons, even death – nothing is greater. Nothing is more powerful. Nothing is outside of God’s power (we will look at that tomorrow).

When you look at your circumstances, are there things that seem very big, and things that you fear. Put them on the scales alongside your God, the God of the universe, the God who always is, the God who saved you through Jesus Christ. Put them on the scales and see how small they are, how little they weigh, and see how great He is.

“Behold your God!”

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