Daily Devotional 29 April 2020 – Isaiah 40v12-17

Isaiah 40:12-17

With being unable to go out to work, there is a danger of me getting a bit heavier and standing on the scales and seeing more weight than I would like!

We often see more weight as a bad thing, but it is not always. In English we have the word “heavyweight”, which is speaking about someone with great influence, power or strength. In scripture, “weight” or “heaviness” also speaks of someone’s power and importance. The word “glory” in the Bible means “weightiness” or “heaviness.” God is weighty. He is powerful. He is important. He is influential. He is the MOST weighty of all.

How weighty is the Lord?

He is so weighty that He can weigh everything in His hand – the waters of all the oceans, the dust of the whole earth and the mountains. (v12)

His wisdom and the power of His Spirit is so “weighty” that it cannot be measured (v13-14). He is so wise, He doesn’t need to be taught, or advised.

All the nations of the earth weigh nothing compared to Him (v15-17).

All these things are great things: we admire the creation, the oceans, the mountains, and the vast deserts; we admire wisdom and science and have benefited from scientific skill and knowledge; we see great nations and great armies and rulers who think that they are so important.

But, He is far more weighty. He is far more significant. These things weigh nothing compared to Him.

Remember v9 – “Behold your God”. He is your God. He is the One who loves you. He is the One who saved you. He is the One who knows the plans He has for you. He is the One who shepherds you. He is the One who is able to heal, He is the one who will meet every need.

He is indescribable. Our awesome God. That is why you can have confidence to face this day whatever happens.


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