Daily Devotional 25 April 2020 – Isaiah 40v3-5

We return to Isaiah 40 for today’s Bible devotional.

Isaiah 40:3-5

Events in this world and events in your life are not random. God is working out His purpose and, because He is good, His purpose is good, even though the way to fulfil that purpose is hard. These verses speak about wilderness, mountains, valleys and rough places. Our lives are filled with ups and downs, times when it feels like we are in the wilderness and times that are rough and difficult.

But in this wilderness with rough places, the passage says that God is making a highway (a road). In other words, God is transforming the hard places, the wilderness, into a straight road for Him to come. That is God’s purpose in your life : that we would know His presence and His glory more.

Notice, though, these verses are not passive, they come as a command: “Prepare the way.” The verses are calling us to respond. Are there things in our lives that are stopping us from knowing the Lord more? Are there “valleys” or “mountains” of sin or unbelief in our lives that the Lord is calling us to remove?

All I’ve said so far is personal : the Lord’s purpose that we would know His presence and glory more. But these verses are even greater than that. Verse 3 is quoted in all the gospels about John the Baptist. He came to “prepare the way of the Lord” – Jesus. Yet even John the Baptist is not the total fulfilment of these verses.

Verse 5: “The glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together.” The final fulfilment of these verses is in the second coming of Jesus when “all flesh” shall see Him. That is why I said at the beginning the events in your life and in this world are not random. God is working everything towards the second coming of Jesus Christ.

I don’t know how the coronavirus works in this great plan of God, but I know that it does, because God is good and God is working His purpose out.

The future doesn’t belong to coronavirus, the future doesn’t belong to one world government, the future doesn’t belong to 5G or to the devil or to any other thing that people fear. The future belongs to the Lord. Jesus is coming. All people will see His glory.

And nothing will stop the Lord. Look at the last part of verse 5: “For the mouth of the Lord has spoken.” God has said it and that is enough.

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