Daily Devotional 24 April 2020 – Psalm 33v18-22

I was planning to write again from Isaiah 40, but these verses really spoke to me this morning:

Psalm 33:18-22

V18: The Lord sees. When the trouble is hard, we can think that the Lord has forgotten us. He hasn’t. He sees. He knows.

V19: The Lord delivers. He has delivered from death already. Because Jesus rose from the dead, even death does not destroy us. He also delivers from physical death until it is our time to be with Him.

He keeps us alive in famine. When everything else fails, when we have nothing except the Lord, He is enough to deliver us.

V20: We wait for Him. The answer doesn’t always come immediately. Although it’s hard, we need to be patient and wait in faith for Him to work because His time is perfect.

V21: We rejoice in Him. This is hard when we are suffering, but it doesn’t say, “rejoice about the trouble, it says, “rejoice in Him.” The Lord never changes. We change, people change, things change. Things that give us joy don’t last forever, but He is forever. He is good all the time. He has saved us from our sin. He satisfies our souls.

We trust in His holy name. We don’t need to understand to trust, we just need to know Him. It says “His holy name.” He is holy, He is righteous, He cannot sin or make mistakes. He is not making any mistakes with your life right now. You can trust Him.

Wait. Rejoice. Trust. These three things will help us to stand firm.

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