Advent devotional for 10 December 2020 – John 1:10-11 – His own did not receive Him

John 1:10-11

These verses prove the mess that the world in. Even though Jesus is the creator of all things, He came to the world, and the world didn’t know Him – they didn’t understand Him, they didn’t believe Him, they didn’t worship Him.

Verse 11 reinforces this: “He came to his own, and his own people did not receive him.” This verse says two important things. First: the Lord owns the universe as creator – “He came to His own” – and yet the people made in His image did not receive Him. Second: He is the One promised to His own people (the people of Israel) and they didn’t receive Him.

This is like the Queen coming to West Norwood and most people not even knowing who she is and refusing to accept her as Queen – turning away from her, opposing her (and even executing her). In fact, it is worse, because Jesus made the universe; Jesus is God, the Queen is not.

That is what happened. The light of the world stepped down into darkness but the darkness didn’t recognise or respond to Him, but rejected Him.

Yet He still came. This is love – He came to a rebellious world that He knew would hate Him, to save a people who would love Him. And because we are such a mess when left to ourselves, He poured His grace upon us “open our eyes, let us see.”

Praise His name.

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