Advent devotional for 9 December 2020 – John 1:9 – The true light

John 1:9

“The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world.”

A long time ago, boats that tried to find a harbour could easily get lost. At night the sailors would look for the light of the harbour to try and find a safe place. But there were people called “wreckers,” who had lights. They shined their lights near rocks and boats would come in and get smashed on the rocks and the wreckers would kill or capture them and steal their cargo.

There are many “lights” in this world and, if we follow them, our lives will be broken on the rocks. John says that Jesus is “the true light…”. He is the One who brings life, not death; He brings us safely to the final harbour and He guides us through life.

Jesus is the true light; He is not false. Truth is found only in Him. He is also the true light in the sense of being the source or origin of light. The moon has light, but it only reflects the source of light, which is the sun.

Without Jesus, we are in darkness. Everything that rejects Jesus is in darkness, all wisdom and ideas that leave Him out. They may contain true things but they don’t have true life. For example, medicine may find out correct things and achieve good but, if it excludes Jesus, it can only temporarily heal bodies; it cannot give true, everlasting, abundant life.

But every Christian, even those who are not “clever” in the world’s eyes, has true light. The Christian has life, the Christian knows God, the Christian has been brought out of darkness into the light of God’s Son.

Praise the Lord that Jesus is the true light.

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