Daily Devotional for 19 October 2020 – Hebrews 10v11-13 – One sacrifice

Hebrews 10:11-13

Last time we looked at the good news of Jesus coming again. But what about here and now, while we are waiting for His coming? Will we make it? Will we really be welcomed into glory on that day?

Yes! The book of Hebrews gives assurance and again and again about how completely secure God’s people. Eternal life is not maybe but it is certain for every believer, because the work of Jesus in saving us is finished.

We don’t live this life in order to earn heaven, but we live for His glory because heaven is certain.

This is what today’s passage tells us. Jesus is not like the Old Testament priests who had to make sacrifices again and again because they weren’t sufficient to take away sin (v11). Instead, He offered ONE sacrifice (v12) and He has sat down (because He has finished His work of salvation). He is now waiting (v13) for the right time (the day that the Father has appointed, Matt 24:36) when He will come again to defeat the enemy (v13) and to save His people and bring them to glory (Hebrews 9:28).

So, you don’t need to earn heaven because Jesus has secured heaven by ONE sacrifice. You can be sure because the ONE sacrifice has been made. 

In the song “Oh to see the dawn,” we are reminded of the finished work of Christ. The last line of verse 3 says, “Finished, the victory cry.”  His ONE sacrifice is complete. Death is crushed to death. We stand forgiven at the cross.

Let’s rejoice in His finished work. Praise His name.

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