Daily Devotional for 2 July 2020 – Psalm 118v22

Psalm 118:22

Yesterday, we saw that Jesus is the One who has opened the gate of heaven for us.  Today, we see that Jesus is the strength and stability of our lives; He is the One who holds everything together; He is the foundation.

Yesterday’s verses gave us a picture of the King coming victoriously through the gates.  Today, the picture is of the walls of the gates, or of the temple:  “The stone the builders rejected has become the cornerstone.

A cornerstone is the most important stone in a wall or building.  It holds everything together.  Without it the building would collapse.

Jesus is the cornerstone and foundation of the church and He is the cornerstone and foundation of your life.  If you are a believer, He is your Rock.  He has rescued you from sin and death and you now are now safe, secure in His salvation.  The devil cannot pull you down and take you away from Him.

We mustn’t build our lives on religion, or on worldly wisdom, or on our ambitions or pride, we must build on Him – He is the cornerstone.

We can trust Him.  We can and must build our lives on Him.  He gives strength.  He protects.  He guides.  He holds us together when the wind and rain of trouble and fear tries to pull us apart. 

Your strength doesn’t come from yourself.  It comes from Him.  So trust Him, ask Him for His help and strength, build your faith through His word.

“This cornerstone, this solid ground, firm through the fiercest drought and storm.”

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