Daily Devotional for 1 July 2020 – Psalm 118v19-21

Psalm 118:19-21

When the Queen’s car or carriage is getting close to Buckingham Palace, the gate opens for her to go through.

This is the picture in today’s verses.  The King, who won the victory against the enemies that surrounded in v10-13 is coming back to the city and He is calling for the gate to be opened.

The language of the psalm here is pointing to someone greater than an earthly king. It is pointing to the Great King, Jesus.  He is the Great King, who has come to earth and defeated the enemies all around.  He paid for our sins – every one of them; He destroyed the power of death – completely; He has defeated the devil – the enemy of souls cannot win.

He has won these mighty victories for His people and now (like Psalm 24v7-10), He is calling for the gates of paradise to be opened as He returns to glory to sit at God’s right hand.

The even more amazing thing is this:  He has opened up the gates of heaven for us also.  “I shall not die, but I shall live” (v17).  If you are a Christian, Jesus has opened “the gates of righteousness” (v19) for you to go through, because He has made you righteous in His sight (v20), so that, for all eternity, you can celebrate that the Lord is your salvation (v21).

Sing a song of thanksgiving today, because Jesus has “opened up the gate of heaven and beckoned you in.”

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