Daily Devotional for 30 May 2020 – Psalm 40v4

Psalm 40:4

Do you want to be blessed?  Today’s verse tells us how. 

“Blessed is the man (or woman) who makes the Lord his trust.”

To be blessed is to enjoy God’s favour and love, to experience God’s goodness, to have joy and contentment in Him. This is the blessing of covenant love: the unchanging, powerful, committed love that the Lord has for His own people.

That blessing never changes, but our enjoyment of it can. We experience the blessing as we trust Him, we put our complete confidence in Him. We trusted Him to save us and now we need to trust Him to protect us and provide for us. 

When we take our eyes off Him and turn to rely on other things to rescue us, we can lose that contentment and joy and peace.

There is always pressure to trust other things.  When we are in trouble, we are tempted to rely on our own plans and wisdom, or to trust people instead of God.  Even when things are going well, we are tempted to follow the ways of the world, to trust in human values and ideas.

The verse tells us not to “turn” to the “proud.” The Hebrew word for “proud” is a poetic name for Egypt. So, the psalmist is saying, “Don’t go back to trusting the things you used to trust before.”

Those things are false; as the verse says they are “a lie.” They will fail us. Even good things, if we trust them rather than the Lord, will fail us or disappoint us. 

Of course, God brings blessing to us through different things and people. God uses doctors and medicine and jobs and friends and family to bring His blessing to us. But, if we trust them _first_ and don’t rest in confidence in the Lord, then we lose that sense of blessing. 

Be blessed today, make the Lord your trust today.

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