Daily Devotional for 29 May 2020 – Psalm 40v3

Psalm 40:3

We sometimes wonder why God lets us go through things.  Although He doesn’t have to answer us because He is God, He does tell us some reasons in the scripture.  There are two of them in today’s verse:

Firstly, “a new song… a song of praise.”  Trouble is an opportunity for God to deliver us, which leads us to praise.   We sing songs in worship, which are great, but David is saying, I am going to sing a new song – a song from my own heart.  We may not literally write a song, but we can praise God specifically and personally for what He has done for us, for something that is “new”; this is not remembering events 20 years ago, but what He has done today or recently.  The praise is fresh because the answer to prayer has just come.

If we hadn’t have had the trouble, we wouldn’t have had the answer and we wouldn’t have the new thing to praise God for.

Secondly, “Many will see and fear, and put their trust in the Lord.”  Your troubles and God’s deliverance show other people how great the Lord is.  Many will “fear” – unbelievers will see what God has done and have their unbelief challenged.  And some of these will respond by trusting the Lord and being saved. 

What God is doing in your trouble is bigger than just you.  He is working in the lives of others as they see His work in your life, how He strengthens you in the troubles and how He delivers you.  

Although trouble’s hard, God is good and He is working out His perfect will. 

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