Daily Devotional 28 April 2020 – Isaiah 40v10-11

Isaiah 40:10-11

“Behold your God.”

V10 begins with the same word… “Behold” (Look, See). Isaiah is telling us more about what God is like.

He is mighty. He is strong. Remember, Isaiah 40 is God promising that He is going to rescue His people from captivity in Babylon. He wants them to know that He is strong enough to rescue them.

He wants us to know that He is strong enough to rescue us from anything. He has already rescued us from sin, death and the devil. Nothing is too hard for the Lord.

Notice it mentions reward/recompense. These are the things He has gained in His victory. When He defeated death and the devil at the cross, He achieved your salvation, He purchased for your forgiveness, He bought eternal life, He earned perfect righteousness. All these things He gives to His people; His reward for us.

But look at verse 11: “He tends His flock like a shepherd.” So, He is also gentle. Mighty and strong to protect His people, to rescue them from sin and to defeat the devil, but gentle and compassionate to care for His people.

Notice that both verses mention God’s “arm”. He hasn’t literally got an arm; this is a symbol of His strength.

In v10, His arm is mighty to rescue and His people. In v11, it is still strong to protect and carry His people, but it is also gentle to hold His people close to His heart and to guide and strengthen the weakest in His flock.

By His mighty arm, He defeats the devil. By His gentle arm, He carries His people, He guides, He comforts, He provides.

Praise the Lord for His power and His gentleness.

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