Daily Devotion for 9 April 2020 – Isaiah 43:1-2

Isaiah 43:1-2

All over the world, there is so much fear of this virus. We see the fear on the news and social media. That fear can become even greater when the virus attacks people in our household, our friends or ourselves. Because the virus can affect our bodies so badly, the enemy uses it to attack our hearts and minds with great fear.

These verses today speak about fear. Verse 1 – “Fear not!” Why? God says, “I have redeemed you.” He also says that He has created us and He formed us. He created us shows His power – He is the all-powerful Creator. “Formed” shows His personal making of us as individuals in His image. “Redeemed” tells us that He loves us and that He saved us from our sins because of Jesus, and that He has rescued us from death and that we belong to Him. He even says, “I called you by name!” Glory to God!

For all these reasons, He says, “Fear not!”

But, He doesn’t say that there isn’t going to be trouble (v2). He says that we will go through waters and fire. This is speaking about intense danger and pressure, which would normally sweep us away like in a flood, or burn us to death like in a fire.

Although these dangers are real and great, they cannot win, they cannot defeat us. He says they will not overwhelm us and they will not burn us.

Why? Because, God says, “I will be with you,” He IS with you, and you have nothing to fear.

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