Advent devotional for 14 December 2020 – John 1v14 – The Word became flesh

John 1:14

“The Word became flesh.” So far, John has told us about the eternal Word who is with God and is God, who is the true light in the darkness, who overcomes the darkness and who gives new life to all who receive Him. Now John is showing us how He does that.

Salvation is simply amazing. Our God, who is holy and righteous, has saved sinners like us by grace alone. If only that were the gospel, it would still be amazing. God forgiving sinners is wonderful. BUT, God hasn’t forgiven sinners by cancelling His holiness or making a new law, He has forgiven sinners by becoming one of us.

John doesn’t just say that the Word became human. People in John’s day were saying, “Jesus just looked human, it wasn’t real.” So John’s gospel makes it clear that Jesus didn’t just appear to be human, He became flesh. He really was human, He has real human flesh and blood and eyes and ears, and a real human heart and soul and mind. And yet He is still God.

This is so amazing that it demands our worship. Our God did this in order to save us.

But this is also such a comfort to us. You need never doubt His love for you – He loved you so much that He took on human flesh. You need never fear that God doesn’t understand you; He knows all things, and He has shown us that He knows by becoming flesh. So, He knows tiredness and sorrow and hunger and thirst. He knows the betrayal of friends. He knows when people who should support us abandon us. He knows suffering and pain and death.

So this week, we can bow in worship at His feet, be assured of His love and know that He walks with us – our Emmanuel.

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