Advent devotional for 1 December 2020 – John 1v1 part 1 – “In the beginning”

Today I am starting a series of advent devotionals to take us through to Christmas. Most of this series will be from John 1:1-18, which so rich in glorious revelation about Christ. It will do us good to look at Him again. For many people around the world, this Christmas season will be like no other, but Jesus has not changed and the gospel message of Christmas hasn’t changed either.

John 1:1 part 1

“In the beginning…”

This is talking about the time that things began in creation. There was a time (if that is the right word) where there was no universe and then there was a time when God spoke “Let there be light.” In the beginning, in eternity past, before there was light or a world or anything, there was “the “Word.” We know from the rest of the chapter that the “Word” is Jesus, before He was born of a virgin. Jesus is always. There is never a time when there has been no Jesus. He was not created. He IS.

The miracle of Christmas is that the eternal Son of God, the uncreated Word, stepped into this creation and He did it for you and me. There are many more things that we will look at over the next four weeks, but let this sink in today. Jesus IS – always.

That means, when you are weak, Jesus is still Jesus. When you are strong, He still IS. When you were young and all the way through to you growing old and dying – Jesus IS. He doesn’t fade, or change, or grow old, or grow weak or tired. He always is. He doesn’t “wake up” one morning like us and feel grumpy and have a go at us, like we might to our friends or family. He doesn’t hide away like we do on those days when it all seems too much, because it is never too much. He is always Jesus, always the eternal Son. And, for the Christian, He is always our Saviour.  

Let’s look away from this changing world and our changing lives and by faith see the Son of God upon the throne. Let’s build our lives and receive peace, not on changing things and circumstances, but on Him who never changes.

“Yesterday, today, forever, Jesus is the same.”

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