Daily Devotional for 8 October 2020 – Psalm 145v10 – Joining the chorus

Psalm 145:10

According to this verse, thanking God is natural and normal. “All your works shall give thanks to you, O Lord.” Not some of God’s works, but all – the whole of creation.

The verse continues: “and all your saints shall bless you!”  

If we’re honest, though, there are times and days when we really don’t feel like praising the Lord. So, how can we praise Him – all of us?

Praise doesn’t come from trying to stir up our feelings but from looking. The text says: “All your works shall give thanks to you.” Creation is giving thanks to God right now – and we can stir our own thanksgiving by looking at what God has made, by seeing and hearing the praise of creation.

As I sit here, writing this, I can see the trees on our street with their different colours celebrating the creative glory of God. He didn’t make everything the same, but in huge variety. I can hear the sound of the wind and see the movement of the trees, which shows me the power of God who made the wind and also the power of God’s Spirit, the breath of life who has given me life. 

I can also hear some birds responding in praise to God – again with different voices.

I can remind myself that the Lord God made them all, and that this same God who is so awesome and mighty, who made all this, came to His own creation, and died on a wooden cross – a tree – for me and for you. 

And so, as I see and listen and even feel the breath of the wind, as I taste and smell the dampness of the autumn air, I see how great our God is – and that helps me to praise Him.

Brothers and sisters, we have many reasons in these Covid days to feel discouraged and to wonder what God is doing. Sometimes we fear for our lives and the future. However, we still can praise Him. Don’t look for feelings inside of you to praise God, rather look out and up and see how great God is and join the chorus of creation in bringing praise to Him today.

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