Daily Devotional for 5 September 2020 – Hebrews 2v17 – the perfect Saviour

Hebrews 2:17

When we see what a perfect Saviour Jesus is, we have strength to resist the accusations of the enemy, the temptation to put our trust in other things, and to give up because being a Christian is too costly.

The book of Hebrews was written to Jewish believers who were under huge pressure to go back to Judaism.  So the writer is showing them (and us) how totally perfect Jesus is, so that they (and we) see that we don’t need anyone else, and that the troubles that we face as Christians are worth it.  

We’ve seen that Jesus is the perfect Saviour because He became a man to save sinful men and women.  No-one else has done that.  No other religion has God Himself coming to save His people.  

We’ve seen that Jesus is the perfect Saviour because He is also God.  He “partook” (or “took on”) flesh and blood; He didn’t stop being God even though He became fully human.  So He is a mighty Saviour, able to save from all sin, and for all who come to Him.

Today’s verse shows us something else: “…that He might become a merciful and faithful high priest.”  A priest represents people to God and God to people. 

We need a priest because we are sinners and cannot draw near to God.  Jesus is that priest. He has offered the sacrifice of Himself to make us right with God.  We pray in His name and so we draw near to God through Him and God gives us, because of Jesus, all the good things that we need. 
Jesus IS the perfect Saviour.  He is worth whatever temptation and suffering the devil throws at us.  There is no-one else that is good enough to save us, no-one else that is powerful enough to save us. 

If you are a Christian, He is your “high priest” and, because of Him, you can draw near to the Living God today, worship, enjoy His presence, and bring your needs to Him.  And you can be confident that He accepts you and that He hears your prayers. Praise His name.

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