Daily Devotional for 27 August 2020 – Titus 3v5-6 – Regeneration and renewal

Titus 3:5-6

The last few meditations have been looking at our salvation. We’ve seen the need for salvation (verse 3), the source of salvation (the goodness, loving kindness and mercy of God, verses 4-5), and we’ve seen the impossibility of us saving ourselves (not by works, verse 4).

The rest of verse 5 and verse 6 shows us the means of salvation – the Holy Spirit. God the Father purposed our salvation, God the Son purchased our salvation and God the Holy Spirit powers our salvation.

“The washing of regeneration” – that is, being born again. When you became a Christian, the Holy Spirit made you alive, and He applied to your life the blood of Jesus, to wash away your sins. Baptism in water is a sign of the washing of sins away, and the rising to new life in Christ.

“…and renewal of the Holy Spirit…” We are not only born again but we have been renewed, we have been changed and set free from the things back in verse 3. The Christian has power to live for Christ.  We have been changed and we are being changed through His Spirit.

“…whom He poured out on us generously through Jesus Christ our Saviour.” We are not just saved a bit and we are not just given a little bit of renewing power. God’s saving power is generous and complete. We have all that we need.

So, when the devil accuses you that you are a terrible Christian, here is the answer: “I am a born again Christian, made alive by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

And, when you think to yourself, “I’m a very weak Christian, I can never grow and change,” here is the answer, “I have been renewed by the Holy Spirit, who has been poured on me generously, so by His grace I can grow and change.”

To Him be the glory.

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