Daily Devotional for 19 August 2020 – Titus 2v15

Titus 2:15

The verse says, “Declare these things; exhort and rebuke with all authority.  Let no one disregard you.”

Titus was a pastor of the early church in Crete and this is what Paul wrote to him.  He is telling him what part of a pastor’s job is.  It feels strange writing a devotional on this because I am a pastor, but this is the next verse in Titus 2.

It is important for all Christians to know (and to pray for) the work of the pastor.  So, this is what it says:

“Declare these things…”  What things?  The things in Chapter 2, but especially verses 11-14.   Declare the grace of God, declare the call to living transformed lives, declare the second coming of Jesus, tell God’s people who they are and remind them of the cost of their salvation. That’s what the pastor should be preaching.  Pray for him.

A true pastor preaches Christ and not himself. 

“Exhort…”  This means to come alongside.  Pray for your pastor as he seeks to support you.  Pray that God would give him wisdom.

“Rebuke…”  This means to challenge, to tell people when they are wrong!  We don’t like this in modern society, but it is part of the pastor’s job.   Pray that your pastor would have the courage to say what is right, even if it is hard to receive.

“…with all authority.  Let no-one disregard you.”  Your pastor is called by God.  He has authority to bring God’s word.  Pray that he would do that wisely, that he would be gentle when he needs to be gentle and firm when he needs to be firm.

As I say, I do feel strange writing this.  I don’t particularly like drawing attention to myself or my ministry.  However, this is a biblical call to all pastors of all churches, not just me or my elders. So, if you are a pastor, may the Lord help you with this.  If you are a member of a local church, please call on the Lord for your pastor.

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