Daily Devotional for 23 July 2020 – Psalm 29

Psalm 29

I have read (or had this psalm read to me) every day for the last three days, so I think I need to share it with you.

Here is it read in the ESV:

It is a call for heaven to worship God (and so for us also to worship God) because He is simply so great.  We might not understand all the references to places (like Kadesh in v8), but that doesn’t matter.  The point is that the psalm shows us His awesome power and glory. 

He is our God.  He is holy (v2). He rules the oceans and the universe with His powerful word (v3-4).  He rules trees and forests and nations (v5-6).  His word is like fire (v7).  He rules over the deserts (v8).  He rules over even the animals giving birth (v9).

He rules over the weather (v10) and His is King over all creation (v10) and He is king forever.

But look how the psalm ends (v11).  “May the Lord give strength to His people! May the Lord bless His people with peace!”

All this power and glory and majesty He brings to His people – those who have trusted Him – to strengthen them and to give them peace.  

Even that strength and peace is given because of His grace. This amazing, awesome, holy, all-powerful, majestic God, who rules the universe, humbled Himself and came to this earth to save us.  God the Son took human flesh and died so that we can have peace with God, know Him and live in His strength and, in eternity, see His glory.

So you can come to Him and ask for strength today.  You can come to Him and ask for peace today. 

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