Daily Devotional for 29 June 2020 – Psalm 118v15-16

Psalm 118:15-16

Praising the Lord is a precious and powerful thing.  Yesterday we saw how the psalmist remembered what God had done in saving His people through the Red Sea (Psalm 118:14, compare Exodus 15:2).

Today’s verses are the response of praise – and not just from the psalmist but “in the tents of the righteous” – from all of God’s people in their homes.

What they say in their praise is like a battle cry.  Israel faced enemies all through scripture and their praise here is declaring that the Lord is on their side to bring victory. 

They say: “The right hand of the Lord does valiantly.”  “Valiantly” means to show boldness, courage, determination and to keep on fighting until victory is achieved.  Israel here is praising God because they know that God’s “right hand” (the symbol of His power) will not give up or turn away from defending His people.

The Lord’s mighty right hand has not changed.  He will not stop protecting you, He will not turn away from you.  He will lift you up (“exalt” you, v16) when you are pushed down by the battles.

He has already done that in salvation.  He has defeated sin and death and the devil. He has lifted you out of darkness and seated you with Christ in heavenly places (Ephesians 2:6).

You can be confident that the same mighty hand that reached down and brought you out of sin and death is the same mighty hand that holds you throughout life.

As God’s people in v15-16 declare this truth in their homes (their “tents”, v15), this helps them to face the battle.

I’ll leave you with the song “All hail the Lamb”.  There is the line “His praise shall be our battle cry.”  As we declare in praise the victory of Jesus, that gives us strength for the battles we face in our own lives.   

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