Daily Devotional for 26 June 2020 – Psalm 118v10-13

Psalm 118:10-13

Have you ever felt surrounded by trouble?  There are times when we don’t just have one problem, but there are lots of problems: problems with family, with work, with health, with finance, with housing, with friends, with church, and some of the problems are so big that we feel overwhelmed.

Psalm 118 was probably written by a king because it says, “all nations surrounded me” (v10).  This was an impossible situation.  They “surrounded me on every side” (v11).  There were so many – “they surrounded me like bees” (v12).

This was totally overwhelming – “they pushed me hard, so that I was falling” (v13).  “But the Lord helped me.”

If you are overwhelmed, you do not need to give up.  If you are falling, you do not need to stay fallen.  If you are discouraged, you do not need to stay discouraged, because the Lord is with you – He is helping you and He will help you and He will  bring you out of these troubles.

v12 says, “they went out like a fire among thorns.” “Went out” means like a fire going out.  A fire in thorns burns quickly and then goes out.  This is telling us all trouble comes to an end, like a fire it will burn out and the trouble will be over.

You can be confident today in the Lord.  The trouble will be over.  The Lord will bring it to an end.  May the Lord give us courage today to stand firm in the battle and wait for our deliverance. 

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