Daily Devotional for 7 June 2020 – Psalm 40v16

Psalm 40:16

Everything changes!  Covid-19 has caused so many changes and so much trouble.  On 1 January, we would not have imagined that the church building would be closed for months!  We would not have imagined some of us getting very sick and nearly dying.  We would not have imagined the changes to our work situation, our families, to all of society. 

In this psalm, we’ve seen David go through great change – troubles in the past, great deliverance but now troubles in the present.

But one thing never changes!  “Great is the Lord.”  

The Lord is great in times of peace and in times of trouble.  The Lord is great when He answers but also when we are waiting for the answer.  

Look carefully at what it says.  It doesn’t say, “Let all those who have had answers to prayer rejoice and be glad in You.”  It says, “Let those who seek You.”

So we can still rejoice and be glad in Him, even while we are waiting for Him, and we can encourage others to also.

It is the same in the next part of the verse.  It doesn’t say, “May those who have been delivered say continually, ‘Great is the Lord.'”  It says, “Let those who love your salvation (in the sense of being delivered from trouble)…”

We do want deliverance now.  We want the sickness to go in Jesus’ Name. But even while we wait, we can still say, “Great is the Lord.”

He is always great, no matter what happens.

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