Daily Devotional for 26 May 2020 – Psalm 40v2

Psalm 40:2

Last week, we looked at Psalm 40:1 and we saw:

  • It is good to wait patiently and expectantly for God to answer. He doesn’t always answer in our time.
  • He is not too busy to listen to us, or so great that He is not interested in us.  He is great, but He is also, like a father, a God who leans down to listen to His child’s voice.
  • We don’t have to pray in a special way for Him to hear us.  He hears our cry, even when we haven’t got the words to say.  He hears your heart.

Today, in verse 2, there is something else about God hearing prayer :  We are never too low for God to hear us.

Verse 2 says, “He drew me up from the pit…”  David doesn’t tell us what the “pit” is. It may have been somewhere he was hiding, or some deep pit he was pushed into, or it may be that he was struggling with his own feelings and fears and felt like he was in a deep pit.

Whatever it was, God heard him when he was down there, and He answered.  We might not be in a physical pit, but the troubles we face can pull us down emotionally, physically and spiritually and we can sometimes think that God doesn’t hear, but He does.

You’re never too low for the Lord to hear you. You are never out of His reach.

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