Daily Devotional for 14 May 2020 – Psalm 61v4

Psalm 61:4

In yesterday’s verse (v3), we saw how David remembered what God has done for him in the past. In today’s verse, he is saying, “Lord, I need You now.”

It is good to remember, so that we can encourage ourselves, but it is important that we don’t just remember. He is not only the God of the past, He is the same God today.

He hasn’t changed in His power. He hasn’t changed in His love and goodness.

So, David asks for two things now, and we also need them.

First, he asks for God’s presence. “Let me dwell in Your tent.” That is talking about the tabernacle, where the ark of the covenant was. David wants to be in the immediate presence of God. Because of the cross of Jesus, we don’t need to go to a place, we can know God’s presence anywhere. God’s presence restores our souls, satisfies our hearts, renews our minds, strengthens and encourages. God’s presence now is a foretaste of heaven.

Second, he asks for God’s protection. “Let me take refuge under the shelter of Your wings.” Here is the image of God as a bird protecting its young – protecting from enemies, from storms, from the scorching heat of the wilderness. So, we can ask God for protection in the storms, protection from the enemy, protection when we feel faint and weak from the pressure.

Both requests are important, not just protection. We need His protection, yes! But, we also need His presence, to know that He is with us, to be refreshed and satisfied in Him alone.

Let’s pray for both today.

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