Daily Devotional for 5 May 2020 – Isaiah 40v29

Isaiah 40:29

Here is a promise to the weary and the weak. We can struggle because we are naturally weak; we are humans, we don’t have supernatural strength in ourselves. We also struggle because we run out of strength; we get worn down and exhausted by the battles that we face.

In this verse, the Lord speaks to both:
– “He gives power to the faint” (NIV: “He gives strength to the weary”). This is speaking to the worn out and exhausted. He – the Lord – gives power/strength. He, gives His own power/strength and refreshing to keep going, so that we are renewed and have that ability to persevere even though we feel spiritually and emotionally worn out and exhausted.
– “To him who has no might He increases strength” (NIV: “He increases the power of the weak”). This is speaking about natural human weakness. We are not created to manage life without the strength of the Lord. But the promise here is that He supplies that strength. He increases (multiplies) strength to us.

These two halves of the verse are written as poetry and are saying almost the same thing in each, but in a slightly different way, to reinforce the wonderful truth that: However weak you are, however weary you are, however tired you are, however worn down by life you feel, the Lord is your strength.

He gives, He increases strength, because His strength is unlimited and He is so generous. Thank Him today for His generosity and strength and trust Him that He will give you all you need.

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