Daily Devotion for 22 April 2020 – Isaiah 40:1-2

During the closure of churches due to Covid-19, I began sending daily encouragements from scripture, initially to those who were ill with the virus, and then to other church members who wanted to receive them.

Rather than disappear into the ether of deleted WhatsApp chats, I thought it might be good for them to be recorded here.  These are not expositions but “thoughts for the day”.  I hope to continue them as often as possible even when things are back to “normal”.

Today’s is reproduced below (earlier ones are gradually being posted backdated to the day on which they were written):

Isaiah 40:1-2

Isaiah 40 was written to Israel just before they were taken away from their homes by an enemy and taken to another country called Babylon.

Starting in Isaiah 40, right through to the end of Isaiah, God is telling His people that He is going to bring them back to the promised land and bless them.

He says in verse 2, “Speak tenderly to Jerusalem, and cry to her that her warfare is ended…”

God is saying, “The trouble is going to end; it is not forever.”

This is still true. God does allow trouble in our lives (and He only ever brings it for our good). But, whatever trouble God allows in our lives, the trouble will end; it is not forever.”

When we are in the middle of trouble, it feels like it will not end, but that is the devil’s lie. It will end in God’s perfect time and, He will comfort you (v1).

So, speak to your own heart today, “Trouble is hard, but it is not forever. This trouble will end, and the Lord Himself will comfort me.”

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