Pointers for prayer 24 March 2020 – Psalm 81

Pointers for prayer 24 March 2020 – Psalm 81

Verse 13 – “Oh, that my people would listen to me, that Israel would walk in my ways!”

A) A call to praise (v1-3)

This is difficult under the current circumstances, but the Lord never changes – He is our strength (v1).

B) Because of what He has done (v4-7)

These verses look back to the deliverance from Egypt and through the wilderness. He has delivered us from sin, death and hell.

He also remains faithful to us when we fail (v7, compare Exodus 17:1-7).

C) A call to listen (v8-9, 11-13)

They didn’t listen (v8) to God’s command that they should serve no other God (v10), and they didn’t submit (v11).

Consequences (v12): “so I gave them up” (compare Romans 1:23-26).

Likewise, today, God is saying “Oh that my people would listen to me” (v13). As a nation, there is so little respect for the things of God. The church has drifted also. We need to listen to Him.

D) Because of who He is and His promises (v10, v14-16)

V10 – God is telling them who He is and what He has promised. So, may we not forget what God has done in Christ!

He promises them deliverance and abundant provision (v14-16). We can come to Him with expectation of deliverance.

But we need to listen to Him and walk in His ways and show the world around that they need to listen to Him and walk in His ways. This crisis is an opportunity for people to turn to Him.

Here are some suggestions for prayer:

  • Take time to give thanks to the Lord
  • Take a few moments to reflect – have you been listening to Him
  • Pray Psalm 81:13 – that His church would listen and that people around would listen and that God would use this crisis to reveal His truth.
  • For God’s mercy on the nations and for the decline of the virus.

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