Daily Devotional for 21 July 2020 – Mark 10v13-16

This morning, I led part of a prayer meeting where we prayed for politicians and the needs of the nation.  The section I led was about prayer for children in this country.   For the prayer time, I read, and briefly reflected, on Mark 10:13-16. Today’s devotion is based on my reflections on this passage, plus a meditation led by one of our church elders last week.

Mark 10:13-16

These verses show us that the priorities of Jesus are not always the same as the priorities of His disciples.  The parents in v13 had the right priority: they knew that the best thing for their children was for them to be blessed by Jesus.

Whether we are a parent, or an uncle or aunt, it is so important to pray for children.  We live in a world of such trouble and danger.  We need to bring them to Jesus in prayer.

We can be sure that Jesus is interested in them.  While the disciples try to turn the parents away, Jesus rebukes them.  So, we can bring our children to Jesus – they are important to Him.

But also, these verses teach us about what we need.  Jesus says:, “Truly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God like a child shall not enter it” (v15).

What is it about children that Jesus is calling us to?

Firstly, a child is trusting.  As a child grows older and has bad experiences they can stop being trusting but, for a little child, it is natural for them to trust their parents and other adults.  Although humans fail children, God never fails.  So, we can trust Him.  If we are a Christian, we have already trusted Jesus to save us, so we can trust Him to help us, to provide for us, to heal us, to guide us.  

Secondly, a child is dependent. Little children can’t do things for themselves.  They need help.  And we need Jesus.  We needed Him to save us and we need Him to help us in all of life.  


  • Let’s pray for our children (and nephews and nieces) and children that we know.
  • Let’s remind ourselves, we can trust the Lord in all things.
  • Let’s come to Him today and confess how much we need Him.

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