Daily Devotional for 13 June 2020 – Exodus 3v14

Exodus 3:14

How can we be sure that our God never changes?  Because of who He is.
In Exodus 3:13, Moses asks God His name.  God answers in Exodus 3:14, “I am who I am.”

He doesn’t say “I was”.  He doesn’t say, “I am becoming.”  He simply says, “I AM”.

He exists from Himself.  He doesn’t have a beginning or an end.  He is uncreated and eternal.  He doesn’t depend on anyone else or anything else for His existence.  He is the only One who is “I AM”.  Every other thing has a beginning and an end, but He simply IS, always.

Our God is always and never changes, never stops being who He is.  He is always holy, always good, always righteous, always loving, always powerful, always wise, always compassionate, always patient, always kind, always knowing, always faithful, always the same.  He doesn’t grow old or weary or impatient.  He never fails.  He never lets us down.

We live in a world where everything changes.  We change.  People around us change.  People fail us and disappoint us.  People come and go.  Circumstances change.  The place where we live changes.  The nation changes.  The weather changes.  Health changes.  

But our God is always.  Therefore, you can walk through this day with peace, whatever happens and whatever changes, because your God is the same and you can trust Him.

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