Daily Devotional for 3 June 2020 – Psalm 40v9-10

Psalm 40:9-10

So far in this Psalm, David has given thanks that the Lord hears his prayers, that he rescued him.  He has given his praise to God.  He has committed himself to “delight to do God’s will” (verse 8).

Now, he says, “I am going to give testimony to the congregation.  I will not hold back, I will tell the church what God has done for me.” (v9-10)

We can’t meet together yet, but we will.  I look forward to that day when we will be able to praise the Lord together and hear His word, and also hear from each other what the Lord has done for us.  It is going to be so precious.

Of course, we’re not all people who are good at standing at the front, but we can all tell someone what the Lord has done for us.

David tells about:

  • “The glad news of deliverance (or righteousness)” (v9).  The Lord always does what is right.  He is always good! And we can tell people about every good thing He has done.
  • “Your faithfulness” (v10).  The lockdown has been hard and some of us have been very sick, but the Lord has been faithful, always.
  • “Your salvation” (v10).  If you are a Christian, you are saved, for ever.  No lockdown, no Covid, can take away your salvation.
  • “Your steadfast love” (v10).  This is covenant love, committed, unchanging love.  Lockdown and Covid cannot take you out of His love. He has shown His love in saving you, and in helping you through this time.

Notice in the list above that there is “deliverance” (David’s rescue, a mighty miracle) and there is “faithfulness” (God’s day to day care and love in the small things as well as the big things).  Some of us have a testimony of a great big deliverance, but all of us have a testimony of God’s faithfulness each and every day.

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